3 reasons Dak Prescott is undoubtedly better than Carson Wentz

Dak Prescott, Dolphins, Cowboys
Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

As Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys go back and forth in contract talks, the former fourth-round pick is set to join the upper echelon of quarterbacks financially.

Where Prescott belongs in the quarterback pecking order in terms of being among the best on the field is a more nuanced debate.

An easy comparison regarding Prescott is another quarterback taken in the 2016 draft, who plays for one of Dallas’ division rivals. Carson Wentz went second overall, while Prescott waited until the fourth round to hear his named called.

Wentz has already gotten his big contract, which makes him the sixth-highest paid quarterback in the league with a $32 million annual average. If Prescott doesn’t get a multi-year deal and plays the 2020 season on the franchise tag, he would come in at $31.5 million.

As Prescott gets set to join (if not surpass) Wentz on the list of the league’s highest-paid quarterbacks, here are three reasons the Cowboys’ signal caller is the better player.


  1. Yes , Dak is better statistically …just needs better coaching , game management and general management … maybe this year will begin a long run of championships

  2. Red Zone Efficiency since 2016

    Wentz 72 TD’S, 2 INT’S (55 games)

    Prescott 54 TD’S, 6 INT’S (63 games)

  3. That makes sense in the numbers game football talk wentz clearly makes his team better,prescott does’nt,take him out dallas moves on no bumps,take carson out eagles struggle mightily

  4. Dak might be better than Carsen Wentz. MIGHT… there both mediocre NFL quarterbacks, so it’s hard to say.

    Dak has serious accuracy issues, which no one here in Dallas seems concerned about in the least. The general idea in this city is that Daks “leadership” makes him worth any price that comes out of his mouth.

    The only leverage that Dak has in his contract negotiation is simply, “who else are you going to get?”

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