3 reasons the Chargers should take a risk on Cam Newton

Cam Newton, Chargers, Panthers
Photo Credit: Wilfredo Trinidad

The Carolina Panthers are officially entering a new era with Teddy Bridgewater and it doesn’t involve Cam Newton. After failing to find a trade suitor, the organization plans to release him and the Los Angeles Chargers should look to capitalize.

It’s difficult to envision the Panthers having much leverage in a potential Newton trade after signing Bridgewater. It became clear they wouldn’t be able to keep the former franchise-quarterback on their roster as a backup as it simply made no logical sense to do so.

There is real uncertainty surrounding the health of Newton going forward. With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing teams from conducting their own medical testing, it makes it even more difficult to make a proper judgement. That made it difficult for teams to sacrifice compensation in a trade.

There were two teams that stuck out as potential landing spots but the market transpired in a way that made it difficult. The Chicago Bears decided to trade for Nick Foles instead, leaving the Los Angeles Chargers with little reason to make a trade rather than wait for him to become a free agent.

Newton ended his tenure with the Panthers headlined by an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl appearance. He totaled 29,041 passing yards, 182 passing touchdowns, 4,806 rushing yards, and 58 rushing touchdowns, which aside from the rushing yards ranks first in franchise history.

With that being said, there are three reasons the Chargers should consider taking a flier on Cam Newton.

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