5 teams who should consider taking a risk on Antonio Brown

49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers

There wasn’t a team that came closer to winning the Super Bowl last season than the San Francisco 49ers. They held a double-figure lead in the fourth quarter but the prolific offense of the Kansas City Chiefs came roaring back and took over the game.

The 49ers are certainly in a position to contend again in 2020. However, their passing attack faces some key questions outside of George Kittle and Deebo Samuel. They lost Emmanuel Sanders in free agency and did not replace him with a veteran.

They will be relying on Brandon Aiyuk to step in and make an immediate impact as a rookie and while he is talented, they need more impact and depth at this position. Someone like Antonio Brown would help to accomplish this given his track record.


  1. I say Green Bay should get him. Him and Rodgers will tare it up. You saw what he and Brady did in just one game.

  2. Fukin retard or blind, but SF is building a NON TOXIC winning culture centered around TEAM FIRST players. Other pay attention or just plain old open your fukin eyes. Jack-ass

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