Fantasy Football: Should you draft Dalvin Cook or Aaron Jones first?

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It’s time for one of the greatest times of the year. Die-hard football fans get their individual fantasy football big boards ready and prepare for the day where they hope to finally draft the team who will take them to the promised land.

Whether it’s playing for money, a prize, or simply bragging rights, football fans look for the chance to beat their friends, family, or anyone who they dare to enter a fantasy football league with.

Fantasy football general mangers can formally begin to prep once the lottery balls roll out, and draft orders are set. Everyone aspires for that top pick, but obviously not everyone can get it.

What if you don’t end up with a selection high enough to draft Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, or Michael Thomas? What happens if your first-round selection is a mid-to-late one, and those top players aren’t available?

Two of the top running backs fantasy football-wise last year will likely be available for your selection if you possess a middle-of-the-road first-round pick Dalvin Cook, and Aaron Jones.

The question remains, who do you choose if both are available?

Both backs are eerily similar. For starters, they were both selected in 2017, and have played three seasons in the league. Even though Cook was a second-round pick, and Jones was a fifth-round selection, they both come into the season as starting running backs for solid teams.

Both players have very similar builds; fairly average height, yet stocky and strong. They ran identical 40-times at the draft combine, and face-off against each other twice a year, since they play within the same division.

The two of them should both provide productive seasons, but everyone who plays fantasy football knows, you can’t win your league off your first-round pick, but you sure can lose it.