6 NFL QBs entering a make or break season in 2020

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears, NFL
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly every NFL season there are numerous starting quarterbacks that are facing mounting pressure to perform or face the risk of losing their job. The 2020 season will certainly be no exception to that.

A prime example from 2019 featured Marcus Mariota being benched by the Tennessee Titans in favor of Ryan Tannehill after a slow start to the season. The former No. 2 selection was facing his last chance to prove himself with the team that drafted him and failed to capitalize on it.

Sometimes even leading the league in passing yards and throwing for 33 touchdowns isn’t enough as in the case of Jameis Winston. When the opportunity to sign Tom Brady presented itself to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they took it, and now Winston is backing up Drew Brees.

It doesn’t have to always entail losing a starting job either. Sometimes a quarterback that was thought to have star potential ends up underachieving one season too many and the perception flips about their trajectory in the NFL.

With that being said, here are six quarterbacks entering a make or break season in 2020.

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