Predicting the 2020 season for Bears QB Nick Foles

Nick Foles, Chicago Bears
Credit: NFL Analysis Network

After a run to Super Bowl MVP with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017 and another near-miss long playoff run the following year, Nick Foles landed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars in March of 2019.

But things did not go as planned. A broken clavicle early in Week 1 sidelined Foles until Week 11, opening the door for Gardner Minshew. Foles would make three additional starts from Week 11-13, but Minshew stepped back in to set the Jaguars up for an offseason decision.

Reports the Jaguars were willing to trade Foles seemed far-fetched, if only based on his contract. But the Chicago Bears got involved, and sent a 2020 fourth-round pick to Jacksonville for Foles. He even restructured his contract, without really losing anything.

The Bears are trying to put a little heat on Mitch Trubisky. His fifth-year option for 2021 was not picked up, and Foles has easily been considered the favorite to start Week 1. But a unique offseason has opened the door for Trubisky to keep the job, at least to start the season.

Will Foles start Week 1? Will he start most of the season for the Bears? Here’s how his 2020 campaign is lined up to look for him.


  1. What do you want from me? You don’t listen for shit. Numerous people already told you what to do and you still don’t listen for shit!

    You should of got rid of Trubisky and picked up a draft pick. I mean how long does it take for your brain trust to realize you drafted a bust?

    If it takes this long to realize your incompetence then there is no way you should be over seeing the direction of this football team.

    They told you numerous times to get rid of Ted Phillips, (a complete idiot) and that bonehead Ryan Pace.

    I never seen a guy in Ted Phillips hire so many incompetent individuals and take sooo long to get rid of them knowing they can’t win, coach or pick talent and then you realized it’s Phillips who hasn’t a clue on how to win…coach… or pick Professional Talent!

    That is your damn problem! Nothing else!

    Find people that knows FOOTBALL! And knows how to spot TALENT! Hire them and lets GO!

    Knowing the Bears and I do know the Bears this email will be destroyed as fast as you can say “Patrick Mahomes wins Superbowl after 3 seasons but could of won it in 2….

    • Your straight stupid you over here pounding the table to have Allen ran out of Buffalo? No, Tribisky numbers were better threw his first 2, is he not a bust? How is Mitch isnt a bust he just isn’t mahomes or watson maybe a miss but not a bust. You want to talk about how you knew Mahomes was the answer and we need better talent scout when he was took at 12 and even the KC said it was just a gamble they had no idea. Pace is one of the best gm as far as finding talent or did you forget how shit our whole team was when he was hired. The whole team was a joke he rebuild the whole defense with Vics help and same with the offense. If not for him we wouldn’t be crying over not winning a superbowl we still be crying about not making the playoffs. NAGY is the problem if a player that runs ur offense can’t grasp it you dont cut it down to predictable football. You get a new offense that works around the guys talent. When ex player call you out but do nothing but praise mitch, is he really the problem honestly?

    • If Foles runs for his life like Tribisky did last year same result, I don’t care how much he read. Or did Trib have time to sit in the pocket like Brady and then throw interceptions. I don’t think so!!! I have been a Bear fan my whole life and it’s always been “The Quarterback’s Fault”. Damn it!!! Fix the damn offensive line!!! Foles will eat grass too.

  2. I believe Mitch’s problem is his footwork. I mean have you ever just watched his feet during a game. Any how Bear Down and let’s get it done this year.

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