1 Incredibly Concerning Stat For The Ravens Through 12 Weeks

NFL Analysis Network

At first glance, the Baltimore Ravens look like they are having a very solid season. They are atop the AFC North with a 7-4 record, a spot any team would sign up for being in. However, when taking a deeper look at some of their production, there are some concerning developments when it comes to the Ravens.

Baltimore has had no issues in building leads this season as they have led at some point in all 11 games by more than one score. It is their inability to hold onto the leads that have been their issue.

There have been four teams in NFL history to lead by more than one possession in their first 11 games of the season. None of the other teams on the list lost one of those games, let alone four as Baltimore has.

Why have the Ravens been struggling to hold onto leads late in the game? Their defense has certainly let them down in some instances, but the offense isn’t without blame. As shared by NFL on CBS, Baltimore has turned the ball over 12 times on the season; eight of those turnovers have come in the fourth quarter of games.

For a team that runs the ball as well as Baltimore does, as they are routinely near the top of the league in rushing yards per game, it is shocking to see them regularly unable to close out games. If they want to have any chance at making the playoffs and finding any success once they make it there, that is an area that the Ravens are going to have to clean up.

Baltimore has turned the ball over multiple times in a game four times this season. They are 1-3 in those games, with the only victory coming against the New England Patriots when the team scored 37 points. 

Ball security is of the utmost importance and the Ravens’ offense isn’t doing their defense any favors by failing to run the clock out by turning the ball over so consistently in the fourth quarter of games.