1 Insane Number To Note For Buccaneers’ Tom Brady So Far

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A lot has been made of the presumed falling off by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and starting quarterback Tom Brady this offseason. Tampa Bay has struggled at times, as they are 4-5 on the season and Brady hasn’t been as sharp as in previous years.

His off-the-field life likely plays a part in that as he went through a divorce this season after 13 years of marriage. That is difficult for anyone to get through, especially someone as meticulous and dedicated to their craft as Brady is.

Despite that and the team’s inability to generate anything in the running game, Brady is doing what he can to keep the Buccaneers afloat. It may not be as easy or aesthetically pleasing as in years past, but he is still getting the job done in multiple facets.

As pointed out by CBS Sports, Brady currently leads the NFL in touchdown-to-interception ratio for the Buccaneers. He has thrown 10 touchdowns this season, a slow season personally in that regard while throwing only one pick. 

That 10.00 ratio leads the NFL, with Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles at 6.00 coming in second. Rounding out the top five is Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins at 5.00, Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks at 3.75 and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs at 3.50.

While the offense isn’t scoring prolifically, that ratio Brady has totaled this season is extremely impressive and goes to show that he is still as locked in and able to produce as ever. For the second consecutive season, Brady leads the NFL in completions with 260 and pass attempts with 398.

Throwing a single interception on 398 pass attempts is truly absurd. The interception came in Week 1 in the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on his 24th pass attempt of the season. That means Brady has attempted 374 consecutive passes without an interception.

Some teams in the NFL may struggle to reach 374 passing attempts for the entire season, let alone not throwing an interception for that long. All of the talks of Tom Brady’s performance falling off may be a little premature. 

It could just be that he is coming back down toward the rest of the pack after spending so many years in his own tier for quarterbacking. That goes to show just how great he is, as what some people believe to be one of the worst seasons of his career many quarterbacks would sign up for as their best.

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