1 Shockingly Brutal Statistic To Note For The Colts Since November

NFL Analysis Network

The Indianapolis Colts made a huge move in early November, firing head coach Frank Reich. Reich was relieved of his duties after the team lost to the New England Patriots 26-3 in Week 9, a move that surprised a lot of people. Surprised would be an understatement when it comes to describing how people reacted to their announcement for the interim head coach.

Indianapolis went way outside of the box, hiring Jeff Saturday. Saturday spent the first 13 seasons of his NFL career with the Colts, but he had zero coaching experience above the high school level. It was a decision that miffed a lot of people and rightfully so.

While the team rallied around Saturday during his first game, as they defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 25-20, things have gone about as poorly as you would expect since then. The Colts are riding a four-game losing streak since with some truly embarrassing performances the last two games.

In Week 13, heading into their bye week, the Colts were outscored 33-0 by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter to lose the game 54-19. That week off looked to do them some good, as they came out like gangbusters in Week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Colts jumped out to a 33-0 lead at halftime but would squander the lead in the second half. 33 is just an unlucky number for the franchise this season, as they ended up losing to the Vikings 39-36 in overtime.

A common theme throughout Saturday’s tenure as head coach is an inability to close out games. The Colts were outscored 22-0 in the fourth quarter against the Vikings, meaning they lost the last two fourth quarters they have played 55-0. Since the beginning of November, they are lapping the field when it comes to fourth-quarter point differential.

Indianapolis is -84 in point differential since the beginning of November according to NFL on CBS. The next closest team is the New Orleans Saints at -35.

Unsurprisingly, all of the teams on that list have struggled to win consistently over the last few weeks. The Miami Dolphins are the only team with a realistic shot at making the playoffs and have a record above the .500 mark on the season out of the six teams listed. Two have already been eliminated from the postseason, while everyone outside of the Dolphins is knocking on the door of having the same fate.