2 huge reasons Tom Brady should consider signing with the Colts

Tom Brady, Colts
Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

1. Indianapolis Is Ready To Compete For A Super Bowl

Finally, the Colts can give Tom Brady the chance to stay in Super Bowl contention. If he does end up leaving the Patriots, he isn’t going to go to a team who will have a rough year. He is the ultimate competitor and that isn’t going to change.

Chris Ballard has a ton of cap space to work with and can give Brady a very lucrative deal. However, the Colts also have a ton of talent already on their roster.

With a move or two and the acquisition of Brady, the Colts would be a top contender in the AFC. Jacoby Brissett has shown some potential, but adding Brady would take this team to the next level. Both sides should strongly consider making this happen.