2 reasons Tee Higgins would be a perfect fit for the Bengals at No. 33 in the NFL Draft

Cincinnati Bengals
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The Burrow to Higgins connection

History always has a funny way or repeating itself, especially in the NFL. When Andy Dalton and A.J. Green were selected by the Bengals in 2011, they ushered in a new era of football for Cincinnati. Now, it appears those two aging Pro Bowlers will be ushered out in favor of Joe Burrow and possibly Tee Higgins.

While the Dalton and Green duo had great success, the duo of Burrow and Higgins could be even better. For starters, Burrow is above and beyond a better prospect than Dalton was back in 2011, and most scouts agree that he’ll transition to the NFL game just fine. As for Higgins, he may not be as high on people’s radars as Green was entering the 2011 draft, but he’s still at the top of the wide receiver prospects heading into the draft.

We’ll have to wait and see if this scenario actually comes to fruition for Cincinnati, but it’s hard to envision them passing on Higgins if he’s available at no. 33. The Burrow to Higgins connection would be fun to watch for years to come.