2021 NFL Free Agency: 4 early targets the Panthers should be watching

Patriots, Joe Thuney
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Thuney

The guard position is another spot in the depth chart with question marks for Matt Rhule. After trading away Pro Bowler Trai Turner, there’s a large hole to be filled along the trenches.

The Panthers have a combination of John Miller, Michael Schofield and Dennis Daley for both guard positions. None will be anything like what Turner brought to the table, which could be a problem.

If none of Miller, Schofield or Daley can be the guys, then the Panthers will need to go out and spend the money on an elite guard. Joe Thuney will be arguably the best available guard in 2021 free agency and certianly should be a target of the Panthers.

Ultimately, the Panthers need a strong offensive line with Christian McCaffrey in the backfield as one of, if not, the most dynamic back in the league. Adding Thuney would mean adding Turner’s replacement that they couldn’t bring in this offseason. He’ll cost a pretty penny, but when you have McCaffrey in the backfield, you do everything you can to make sure he can get the wheels going.