2021 NFL Free Agency: 3 reasons the Vikings should try to sign Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey, Vikings, 2021 NFL Free Agency
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The Minnesota Vikings’ defense has been very good under the Mike Zimmer regime. However, after a rough season, the Vikings let go of veteran Xavier Rhodes. Both Vikings starting corners are very young and inexperienced–making Jalen Ramsey an ideal target next offseason.

The NFC North has plenty of very good wide receivers. It would be a tough assignment for these young corners to face off against premier wide receivers six games out of the year. Ramsey would be able to follow the opposing team’s No. 1 receiver every week.

While Ramsey shuts down the top option, the opposing quarterback would have to take more time to find other receivers. This would boost the Vikings already scary pass rush. Many times this would lead to sacks, erred passes, and turnovers. While Ramsey signing would likely come at the expense of losing other star players, it would be well worth it to make this defense truly elite.

Although he is young, Ramsey is a very smart player as well. He would be a fantastic mentor to the current young Vikings corners. While he covers the opposing offenses top receiver, Hughes and Gladney would have much less pressure on them.

Facing Pro-Bowl receivers at least six times a year could become frustrating if they beat them consistently. That could destroy their confidence, which is a major factor when playing corner. Adding Ramsey would help them grow from being a very good defense to becoming truly elite.

With that, there are three reasons the Vikings should try to sign Jalen Ramsey next offseason.