2021 NFL Free Agency: 3 reasons the Vikings should try to sign Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings’ Defense Would Become Elite

The Vikings’ defense currently is very good. They have two incredible safeties, an excellent front-seven that got even better after the Yannick Ngakoue trade, and two young corners with potential. However, without a true shutdown corner, it is hard to put this defense in elite status.

While adding Jalen Ramsey may mean the Vikings let Dalvin Cook hit free agency or experience a notable cap casualty, it would be well worth it. Ramsey could completely transform this defense. In the NFC North, it is vital to have a lockdown corner.

There is a common saying, offense wins games and defenses win championships. In most cases this is very true, look at the Seattle Seahawks dismantling the Broncos’ record-breaking offense in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Patriots’ defense shutting down the Rams just a few years ago in Super Bowl LIII.

Even the Chiefs needed to sign some big-name defensive players to elevate their team’s defense because the offense could not carry them to a Super Bowl. The Vikings offense will still have enough firepower to win games and make plays. However, the dominant defense would be what gets them to a Super Bowl.