2021 NFL Free Agency: 3 reasons the Vikings should try to sign Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At His Worst, Jalen Ramsey is a Top 5 CB

While last year was a bit of an off-year for Jalen Ramsey, he did have a lot to deal with. He had to learn an entirely new defensive scheme. Between trade drama and injuries, it was a down year for Ramsey, but that does not mean he played poorly.

He was very good at playing physical defense and was still a very dependable cornerback on a defense that was more star-driven than deep. The Rams defense had a few holes, and because of that, the stars did not play as well.

After a full offseason to rehab, understand the defense and grow with the rest of the team Ramsey should be in for a bounce-back season this year. He is an incredible talent who can completely shut down one receiver in man coverage or a whole portion of the field in zone.

The Rams understood this when they traded for him. However, a player as talented as Ramsey will likely want to test his value in the free-agent market. Next offseason he should be available, and every team in the NFL will want a piece of him.

If the Rams are not able to make Ramsey the league’s highest-paid cornerback, he will likely try and find a team that will. The Vikings may have to make some moves to clear up cap space, but it would be worth it. Ramsey is an incredibly gifted talent.

He the ultimate chess piece on defense. He can cover the slot, shutdown a receiver in man, lockdown his area in zone, and make plays when defending the run. Ramsey could truly play any position in the secondary. If he were to sign with Minnesota they would likely be the leagues best defense.