4 backup options for the Seahawks if Jadeveon Clowney leaves

Jabaal Sheard, Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jabaal Sheard

One of the most under the radar defensive ends available in free agency is Jabaal Sheard. There has been minimal information about potential landing spots for his services. That likely has a lot to do with Jadeveon Clowney still being available, putting the rest of the market on hold.

It would clearly be a downgrade for the Seahawks to go from Clowney to Sheard, but they’d still be getting a productive player, nevertheless. The main concern aside from not being particularly dynamic is that he will be 31-years-old in mid-May.

As long as the Seahawks would be seeking a temporary veteran presence in place of Clowney, Sheard would be a respectable option. That might be one of the best case scenarios for Seattle considering how aside from trading for a franchise tagged player, the options are mostly underwhelming.

There is a chance the Indianapolis Colts look to bring Sheard back but the odds of that happening remain unclear. They have yet to replace him at the defensive end spot opposite of Justin Houston with an external addition. Turning to younger players already on the roster is an option though.