3 Bold Predictions For The New York Jets In 2024

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The New York Jets are going into a win-now moment. After waiting a full season for Aaron Rodgers to recover, it is nearly time to finally experience what the new-look Jets can do. However, after watching the Russell Wilson trade blow up in Denver’s face, any outcome seems possible.

That said, here are a few bold predictions for one of the most talked-about teams of the year.

1. Aaron Rodgers plays his final season

Rodgers could go out with a bang. On the other hand, he can go out with a whimper. Regardless of the volume of his exit, the end is nearly here.

This prediction underlines that Rodgers will play his final Week 1 of his career this year. It also will be his final Week 2-18.

With his attention clearly on other places now, it appears the quarterback already has one foot out the door. Rodgers skipped mandatory minicamp this offseason in a scene reminiscent of Tom Brady’s final year. In Brady’s last season, he also had trouble with attendance before the regular season.

Based on his recent involvement with RFK Jr. and past interest in political topics, it appears that the quarterback has interest in moving in that direction. Well, one can’t be a politician and a quarterback simultaneously.

As an old man’s footballer and a young man’s politician, the writing appears to be on the wall.

2. Jets reach playoffs for first time since 2010

Even though Rodgers will hang it up after the season, it doesn’t mean he will go out quietly. The Jets will reach the playoffs for the first time in 14 years on his watch. By doing so, No. 8 will have a clear argument that he passed his former mentor Brett Favre with the Packers and the Jets.

The team won’t move beyond that level due to a lack of playoff experience up and down the roster. That said, it will serve as a mini version of watching Peyton Manning walk off into the sunset after winning Super Bowl 50. In some minds, it might even be as big of an accomplishment for Rodgers.

3. Aaron Rodgers throws more interceptions than touchdowns

While Rodgers will help his team win games at a higher clip than Zach Wilson did, he won’t do it with flash. As a quarterback on the wrong side of 40 and already on a clear decline, his surrounding weapons do most of the heavy lifting in carrying the team through the season.

Coming into 2024, the quarterback has seen his statistics consistently drop.

In 2020, he threw for 48 touchdowns and five interceptions. Then, in 2021, he threw for 37 touchdowns and four interceptions. In 2022, he threw for 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Last season, he threw for zero touchdowns and zero interceptions.

This year, he will be healthier but also will continue to decline with his net passing touchdowns.

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