3 free agents the Baltimore Ravens can target to get to the next level

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The Baltimore Ravens had one of the best regular seasons in recent memory. They dominated on the ground and their quarterback led the league in passing touchdowns. They completely revolutionized a new style of offense that carried them on a 12-game win streak.

Not only was their offense potent, their defense was also top-10 after a huge mid-season trade for star cornerback Marcus Peters.

Unfortunately with such a magical regular season, the Ravens followed it up with a stinker in the playoffs. Their unstoppable offense sputtered in the biggest moments and their defense wilted on the shoulders of Derrick Henry. No longer could the Ravens ride the high of Lamar-mania, reality had set in and that reality was that they were a extremely young offense and a patch work defense.

The Ravens’ biggest stars on offense had all been drafted in the last two years and their defense consisted of an incredible secondary that had been supplanted by late additions after a blowout loss to the Browns. Though incredible that the Ravens had put on the show they did, it was understandable that a defense relying on Josh Bynes, Domata Peko, and LJ Fort to make big plays fell short.

Going into this offseason, the Ravens need to address those same holes with either early draft picks or free agents. The offense should be better with more maturation, but it could use some juice in spots too. The defense needs help getting to the quarterback and in the trenches.

Luckily, the Ravens have a quarterback on a rookie deal and are going to have roughly $21,347,054 in cap space after all adjustments, according to Russell Street Report’s Brian McFarland. The Ravens can even create $13 million more in cap space by cutting Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr, according to McFarland. This would leave the Ravens with over $30 million in cap space to help improve an already amazing team.

So who do they spend that money on? Here are three options.

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