3 free agents the Falcons need to re-sign this offseason

De'Vondre Campbell, Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons are heading into the NFL offseason with quite a few needs to focus on. Dan Quinn is back as head coach for one more season, but is firmly on the hot seat. Atlanta will need to play well and make the playoffs in 2020, or a lot of things are going to change.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are no longer enough to power the Falcons’ offense to greatness. Atlanta will need to focus on bringing in more talent on that side of the football.

Defensively, the Falcons need a ton of help. They have issues in their secondary, they need more pass rush, and their linebackers could use a boost as well. Some of those issues can be filled by bringing back some of their own free agents.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at three free agents the Falcons should focus on bringing back this offseason.

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  1. This the worst article I’ve read about the Falcons offseason. We can find 19 catches for 195 yards 0 TDs off the streets… why are we always just trying to bring ppl back for the sack of bringing ppl back. Hardy can be 4th on somebody else’s depth chart. The man is obviously slow in the Nfl. He caught the most balls in history in college and can’t crack 3rd on the depth chart. How in the world is Hooper #2 on this list? The guy missed games and almost had 1,000 yards in a season with no running game and no oline. Now you’re going to teach some rook to do what took hooper 3 years to do… breakout! Then there’s Campbell, I don’t know wtf y’all watching he’s been getting beat since the Super Bowl when he infamously got a PI at the crux of the game. He looked downright terrible during the 1-7 stretch. I couldn’t tell if it was him or ismael cuz they both can’t cover TEs. See Texans and colts game. He can be easily upgraded in the draft or free agency for what he bring to the table: a couple of late season INTs and fumbles after we have nothing to play for. I’ll take my chances with a rook and keep my dollars in my pocket. The problem with the falcons is they are too fat.. giving money to ppl u wanna see do well and not ppl actually doing great things. Julio, Ryan, and Grady are the only guys who bring it whether u pay them a $1 or 50M. Find more of these guys and STOP PAYING FOR MEDIOCRITY. Campbell and hardy are simply not that good and the market is going to show u that since they finally let their players hit it

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