3 Impressive Stats To Note For 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo So Far

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The San Francisco 49ers got off to a rocky start in the 2022 season. They spent all offseason getting quarterback Trey Lance ready for the starting job only for him to get injured before halftime of their Week 2 game.

Normally, having to go to the backup quarterback for virtually the entire season would be a death sentence for a team. But, when that backup quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo, the player who has been your starter for the past five seasons when he was healthy, you are in a great spot.

Had Garoppolo not undergone surgery this offseason, which depressed his trade market, he very likely wouldn’t be on the roster today. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would be playing elsewhere, but the procedure combined with a restructured contract led to him remaining in the Bay Area.

It took a few weeks for the team to get their bearings, as Garoppolo is a much different kind of quarterback from Trey Lance. Now that they are back to playing a similar offense to what they have been running the last few seasons, the 49ers are hitting their stride.

Known as an elite game manager throughout his career, Garoppolo is showing that he is capable of doing more than that. This season he has been excellent, as he is ranked inside the top six in multiple statistics thus. According to NFL on CBS, Garoppolo is fifth in passer rating at 104.1, fourth in yards per attempt with 8.09 and sixth with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 15-4.

Those are some very impressive numbers, as they are in line with his performance from the 2019 season when he finished second in the Comeback Player of the Year award race. But, in that season, ball security was an issue at times.

In 16 games, Garoppolo threw 13 interceptions and fumbled the ball 10 times, losing five of them. He wasn’t much better in the postseason, throwing three interceptions in three games. This season, those turnover woes have been virtually nonexistent as Garoppolo is taking very good care of the ball.

Given the weapons that the 49ers have surrounded Garoppolo with, the pieces are in place for him to have plenty of success. If he can continue taking care of the ball and making the correct reads, games such as his dominant performance against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football to close out Week 11 will become more common and he will shake the game manager moniker.

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