3 intriguing targets for the Panthers at No. 38 in the NFL Draft

As the 2020 NFL Draft continues to draw closer, the Carolina Panthers must find a way to make improvements on both sides of the football. After another disappointing season in 2019, the Panthers cannot afford to miss in this draft.

Matt Rhule is beginning a new era of football in Carolina following the decision to move on from Ron Rivera. Cam Newton is also gone, with Teddy Bridgwater being signed to be the team’s new franchise quarterback. Things are changing for the Panthers and adding young talent is a must.

Carolina was a legitimate Super Bowl contender just a few short years ago. They suffered major losses this offseason with both Greg Olsen and Luke Kuechly no longer on the roster. Unfortunately, that has put the Panthers in a tough position.

While the Panthers will hold the No. 7 overall pick in the NFL Draft, they also have the No. 38 overall pick. Finding an impact player in the second round will be very important for the development of this football team.

All of that being said, let’s take a look at three intriguing targets for the Panthers with the No. 38 overall pick.

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