3 players the Saints should move on from this offseason

Drew Brees, Saints
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The New Orleans Saints are trending toward having an eventful offseason in 2020. It goes without saying that the looming decision by Drew Brees is the most important development for the Saints.

The 41-year-old quarterback is on track to either retire or compete for another Super Bowl with the Saints next season. Regardless of what he chooses to do, his verdict will change the entire landscape of New Orleans’ offseason.

To begin the offseason, the Saints are expected to have around $12.3 million in cap space, per Spotrac. New Orleans is undoubtedly going to make some roster moves to increase that number in the coming months.

Seeing that New Orleans has the 28th lowest amount of cap space in the NFL, they’ll need to make some tough judgments. All that being said, here are three players the Saints should move on from this offseason.


  1. I think Drew Brees had his time as quarterback in New Orleans,give Hill a chance at it,let’s see what he can do.

  2. Well we can agree on Brees but if Hill was even close to being the answer, there’s no way that Payton would’ve let Teddy start all 5 games or take the vast majority of the snaps while 9 was hurt. Any objective observer can see that Hill is not a starting caliber QB at the NFL level. He’s not nearly accurate enough nor is his arm strength on deep throws anything to write home about. If the Saints let Brees retire and Teddy leave the building, get ready for a huge helping of mediocre qb play for a while. And I’ll pulling for them all the way #WhoDat4Life

  3. No matter what happens to all 3 quarterbacks, I wish them all the best. It has been great since 2006 when Drew came onboard. It will be great still, if he moves on, because we are diehard Saints fans.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  4. I don’t think Payton could of pulled Bridgewater out unless the Saints started losing even though he did not look great. But the saints were still winning. Brees was a no brainer starter and bridgewater was there so Taysom could still be involved in the offense and ST’s. The jury is obviously still out on Taysom being a franchise qb. But I must admit he looked great and even better than bridgewater in the preseason and is a intriguing prospect. Especially since nfl offenses seem to be going to a athletic qb, read option downhill running style. And Taysom’s skill set seems to fit that mold. My biggest concern with him is accuracy even though he looked accurate last preseason. And Taysom has more than enough arm strength to throw downfield. But if you wanna say his down field accuracy hasn’t been great you may have a argument. That would be awesome if a franchise qb like Taysom just fell in our laps but he’s a long way away from anyone truly anointing him to that. But he’s definitely shown he belongs on the football field and who knows. Will be a interesting off season indeed

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