3 potential steals for the Panthers in the third round of the NFL Draft

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, there are quite a few high-level prospects that will go in the first two rounds. However, it will be the teams that find value in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds that will win the draft. That is where the Carolina Panthers must thrive.

Starting with their third-round selection at No. 69 overall, the Panthers must find a way to find an impact player. With a new head coach in Matt Rhule and a brand new coaching staff along with him, bringing in a new set of players that fit the new system won’t be easy.

Add in the fact that Carolina still has to figure out what to do at the quarterback position, and things get even more difficult.

Cam Newton may end up coming back for another season, but that is not a guarantee. If he doesn’t return, the Panthers aren’t going to be confident with either Kyle Allen or Will Grier. They also need to replace Luke Kuechly, who retired out of the blue, and add more talent to both sides of the ball.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at three potential steals for the Panthers in the third round of the NFL Draft.

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