3 potential trade targets for the Washington Football Team this offseason

Washington Football Team
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The Washington Football Team were the winners of the NFC East and earned a playoff bid. However, for a team that won just seven games on the year, this may be more of a roadblock to long-term success.

Needing a variety of positions, the Washington Football Team find themselves drafting at pick number 19 in the upcoming NFL Draft.

That is likely too far down to be able to take any of the elite members of the draft class, but they should still be able to land a player that will start for them his rookie year. Washington will need to get creative in their offseason to make the necessary moves to stay competitive in the NFC East and become competitive in the NFC.

Here are the three best potential trade candidates for the Washington Football Team this offseason.

Deshaun Watson

The star quarterback who wants out of Houston has been the topic of many trade rumors in the last few weeks. Washington needs to take center stage here and put together a package that would secure the franchise signal caller.

Picking at 19, Washington is not going to be able to land one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance are all likely to be taken much earlier than where Washington is selecting. That leaves them with the options of selecting a lower rated quarterback and hoping he outperforms his draft stock, trading up to select one of the unknown rookie quarterbacks, not getting their quarterback this year, or trading for Deshaun Watson.

If the Washington Football Team wants to have a franchise signal caller on the roster this year, Watson is the way to go and every effort should be made to complete this trade.

Marcus Mariota

If the Washington Football Team is not interested in trading away future draft picks, getting a veteran quarterback on a cheap deal for a low price would be the way to go.

Mariota had some good moments when he was not battling injury in Tennessee and Washington could hope that that level of skill comes to the forefront. If this deal doesn’t work, then Washington can try again next year with little lost in terms of future draft capital or cap space.

Julio Jones

If Washington thinks that they can be competitive next year, then getting a few more offensive weapons would help whoever ends up being the quarterback.

As a sunsetting veteran, Jones likely would not command top dollar, but would instantly change the makeup of this offense. Putting pieces in the offense would help this team become more well-rounded and competitive into the future.

Terry McLaurin and Jones would be a dynamic duo at wide receiver and would give the Washington Football Team a chance to win the NFC East again in 2021.