3 prospects the Dolphins should target with the No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft

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After a handful of solid signings during the free agency period, the Miami Dolphins are looking to ride that momentum into the NFL Draft. With 14 total picks to play with, including three in the first round, Miami’s front office has a plethora of options to ponder as we approach draft night.

Their first pick in the first round is at the No. 5 spot. Draft analysts and pundits have speculated what the Dolphins may do with this pick ever since the offseason started. Will they try to get their quarterback of the future? Or, will they continue to give head coach Brian Flores more playmakers on his defense?

With the amount of picks Miami has, they’ll have a lot of flexibility with the fifth overall selection. They could try to trade up to ensure they get the guy they want, but at No. 5, there will be plenty of stellar prospects to chose from.

Here are three that should be high on the Dolphins’ radar.


  1. Who should the dolphins take if both Tua and Issiah Simmons are available at the 5th pick?

    • Isaiah Simmons Don’t take Tua remember RG3…Can you really imagine Tua 15 to 20 years in the NFL.

      • If Tua can produce 8-10 great years….ill take that considering our qb position of the past 20 years. Think Cam Newton. They had one of the best for nearly 10 years and the team had plenty of success.TB12 carreer is exception not the rule

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