3 reasons A.J. Green should sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers

A.J. Green has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL throughout his career, but he has also dealt with quite a few health issues as well. Now, heading into the NFL offseason, Green is set to hit free agency. Many think he will end up back with the Cincinnati Bengals, but there is a chance that he could consider other options.

The Bengals have the option of franchise tagging him, although if Green expresses his desire to leave they may bite the bullet. Due to his loyalty to the organization, they may not try to trap him in if he wants out.

If he does end up leaving town, there are a few teams that would make a lot of sense for him. One of those teams would be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh narrowly missed the playoffs in 2019 even with the season-ending injury that Ben Roethlisberger suffered early in the year. Mike Tomlin and company firmly believe that they will be back in contention in the AFC in 2020. Big Ben will be back and there are a lot of pieces the Steelers have who can power them back to the postseason.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at three reasons the Steelers are the perfect free agency destination for Green.

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