3 reasons Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly better than Kirk Cousins in 2020

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Kirk Cousins is pegged by some pundits to be a dark-horse MVP candidate during his third year with the Minnesota Vikings. Before that can happen, however, there is a major hurdle for Cousins to just become the best quarterback in his own division. With Aaron Rodgers looking for a strong season in Green Bay, the task for Cousins becomes almost impossible.

The Packers have relied on their running game more under head coach Matt LaFleur, creating less of a need for huge numbers from the quarterback position. The efficiency Rodgers has posted has been very strong and he makes big plays when Green Bay needs them.

Rodgers is almost a sure lock for the Hall of Fame at this point in his career, and he still has years left to add to his statistical achievements and accolades. He’s going to put together yet another impressive campaign for the Packers in 2020.

The idea that Cousins is anywhere near the same of level of player as Rodgers is outrageous when considering their whole careers. While a player can have a “flash in the pan” type season and have everything go their way, betting on that to happen for Cousins does not seem like a smart move.

With that being said, let’s dive into three reasons Aaron Rodgers will outperform Kirk Cousins in 2020.