3 reasons a Dez Bryant reunion makes sense for the Cowboys

Cowboys, Dez Bryant
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys showed their creativity in their willingness to improve their team by signing Aldon Smith, someone that hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015. That raises a possible question. Would they consider bringing back Dez Bryant?

There was a recent development in this possible idea as Dak Prescott has been getting in a few workouts with Bryant. While that isn’t necessarily more than just two former teammates trying to stay in shape, it’s intriguing to see the results in some of the clips.

Bryant last played in the NFL during the 2017 season. In 16 appearances, he totaled 69 receptions, 838 receiving yards, and six receiving touchdowns. The Cowboys decided to release him that offseason after they felt he wasn’t producing up to par with the contract extension he received.

After looking for a new team for the first time since entering the NFL, Bryant signed a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints in early November of the 2018 season. He tore his Achilles just two days after signing that contract.

Bryant will be looking to sign a contract with an NFL team for the 2020 season after spending all of last season working on his injury recovery. With a phenomenal wide receivers class for this year’s NFL Draft, he will have to wait until after that plays out to see teams needing a receiver.

With that being said, there are three reasons a reunion with Dez Bryant makes sense for the Cowboys.


  1. Dez has never shown he can be a support player and as Dallas has Cooper and Gallup, and Brown, I cannot see him working well in the scheme as a reserve nor do I see him in the slot as he is not able to seperate from defenders…

  2. Stop drinking the special Kool-Aid. Dez is a Prima Donna and he will always be one. Throwing his temper tantrums on why he didn’t get the ball. Nobody needs this Cancer!

  3. he was cut because of dak our qb was not that good he wasnt on same page like romo to des he wasnt accurate and still he not but des can help way more than witten did last season des will be way more productive than witten he owes us that

  4. Dez would be third option and likely matched with nickel or LB.
    if he’s in good physical shape I’d sign him if price is right.

  5. Sign him. He has been put in his place 2 years ago. He knows he would be the 4th option. That would be one hell of a 4th option. Plus people throw out crazy stuff saying he’s throwing fits and fighting with players. He’s misunderstood. He’s vocal yeah because he’s a winner, and a leader. There’s a big difference. Stop the hating and throw up the X, sign 88.

  6. Dez has been humbled. He deserves a shot. His passion has always been misunderstood. He could definitely help the team.

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