3 reasons the Browns should consider a major trade up for Isaiah Simmons

Browns, Isaiah Simmons, NFL Draft
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The Cleveland Browns are currently positioned in the upcoming NFL Draft to make their first selection when the No. 10 pick is on the clock. They should look to change that by trading up and then using that to select Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons.

Based on the current projections, the expectation for the Browns is that they will select an offensive tackle in the first round. They will likely be just out of position to select potentially dynamic defensive talents and will be positioned to select likely the third or fourth ranked offensive tackle.

There is a real need for the Browns to continue to improve on defense but it needs to be done from a long-term perspective, too. Signing a variety of veterans to one-year deals should provide help right away while still having the risk of losing many of them next offseason.

For a team that has linebacker arguably as its greatest need, it’s crucial to not wait too long to address the position with a middle of the pack talent. They need a special prospect that can set the tone for this position group to continue to build the defense as a whole.

With that being said, there are three reasons the Browns should consider a major trade up for Isaiah Simmons in the upcoming NFL Draft.


  1. Couldn’t disagree more if it results in losing a chance at a solid offensive tackle. Browns have been accused of bad quarterbacks since taking Tim Couch. The truth is the quarterback have been beaten up year after year because of no protection ( until two years ago). Maybe not bad QBs. How would anyone know.

  2. NOOOOO!!!!!!! There is NO other choice in the 1st round but a tackle, period. Linebackers are not nearly as important as the guy who protects the QB’s blindside. And some of the best linebackers in the NFL were chosen in later rounds, so there is no way they should trade up for simmons no matter how special he is.

  3. Perhaps I missed the part about taking him instead of an OT. I read this as don’t wait until later. Nothing says the Browns couldn’t swing a deal to pick twice in the first round if they wanted to. Yes there are other needs for later on however, a long term OT to get a wall around Baker and a one-man wrecking crew of a LB would go a long way toward fixing the holes. The rest wouldn’t be as hard to do using later round talent and trades.

  4. I agree with the article. Aside from Chase Young there is not as dynamic a playmaker on that side of the ball. That guy is built to play with Garrett. If you sign Griffen and line Simmons behind him that’s a scary D. I hope we make that bold move up.

  5. Are you smoking dope. Obviously you haven’t been following the browns and the defensive scheme they will be running. Linebacker is not a priority in this defense. I would take Simmons if he is there at 10 because of his versatility.They need line and edge rushers for this defense.

  6. Simmons is a game changer. You will have to trade 10 and 41 to move up to 3 to assure you get him. Trade pick 97
    to Washington for Trent Williams. Use pick 74 for Chinn a safety and pick 105 for Golden wide receiver. Picks 6 and 7
    ???? We should win the division and who knows.

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