3 reasons the Eagles should consider trading Carson Wentz

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Even though the Philadelphia Eagles are currently winning the NFC East and look to be the favorites moving forward, that does not mean that they should be buyers or even hold pat at the trade deadline.

The Eagles are not going to beat any of the teams who make the playoffs. They are not a great team, they just benefit from playing the other teams in the NFC East more regularly. They might creep close to around .500 by the end of the season, but I would still consider them one of the worse teams in the NFL.

Rather than ride mediocrity, the Eagles should look at making a blockbuster trade and ship off Carson Wentz. He has struggled this year with accuracy and throwing the ball into tight coverage, but that does not mean he won’t receiver heavy interest on the trade market.

Here are the top three reasons the Philadelphia Eagles should look at trading Wentz.

Carson Wentz’s value may never be higher

Carson Wentz is at the prime age for quarterbacks, especially with many of the top players in the game extended their careers later into their 30’s. He was the hero of the Super Bowl winning team in the regular season and had Philadelphia no high hopes for his future.

With his current level of play, he is not up to the level of his contract. Rather than let him have another year of poor play, the Eagles could frame the trade as Wentz just needing a new environment, maximizing his value.

Getting Carson Wentz’s contract off the books would allow the Philadelphia Eagles to make more moves

This year Carson Wentz has a total cap hit of a little over $18 million dollars. Next year his hit will jump to over $34 million. With the reduction in salary cap anticipated due to COVID, the Eagles are going to be heavily strapped.

If they don’t see themselves as a contender next year now is the time to unload while teams can still be creative on how they deal with the heightened cap they might take on.

Reports of disgruntled players may signal the need to clean house

If the Eagles’ clubhouse is becoming unraveled, then it is a good time to clean house. The Eagles might not be Super Bowl contenders for a long time and having a toxic clubhouse will only make it more difficult to bring in the type of talent needed to get back on top.

Get Wentz out now before the environment gets worse and teams become hesitant to take on anyone from this team.