3 reasons the Packers and WR Randall Cobb should reunite

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2. Randall Cobb’s Production Remains Good

One of the main reasons the Packers chose to move on from Randall Cobb last offseason was his health. He was unable to stay on the field consistently the previous couple of years and that made his production low.

Despite those concerns, Cobb showed that he is still capable of playing a full season in 2019 with the Dallas Cowboys. He played in 15 games, catching 55 passes for 828 yards and three touchdowns. Cobb can still produce at a high level.

The Packers would not be asking Cobb to come in and be a star. They would be asking him to come in and play the exact same role that he played in years past, which he excelled at doing.


    • The Pack would be wise to try and get Cobb back but only if they can only spend 5 million a year, what he was making in Dallas.It would solve their slot receiver problem and he knows Rodgers. Then draft a wide receiver at 30 in draft. Either Mims,Shenalt or Jefferson. End of that problem.

      • Next let Bulaga walk unless he wants to finish his career as Packer and willing to stay for not as much money. Cannot put a ton of money in him with injury problems. I love Bulaga but may have to move on and go with Valdeer and find a decent tackle in the 2nd round but don’t reach. Take the best player available at 62. I say a TE Kemet from Notre Dame if he’s their. They should be able to find a decent Right Tackle in free agency also. Around 6 million.

        • And last but not least they need to get an elite Middle Linebacker and a very good DT in free agency.That means sign Cory Littleton of Rams LB. That would be their one most expensive signing at around 12 million a year. It is a must and then should be able to afford Pierce DL from Baltimore at around 4 million a year. He is a great run stuffer and a major improvement over Lancaster or Lowry. Done.

          • Then add more depth to positions such as Safety,CB and running back and also DL with 3rd round – 7th round. Concentrate on a QB in 1st round next year.

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