3 Reasons The Saints Should Consider A Reunion With Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant, Packers
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are due to make an upgrade at their wide receiver position this offseason. Yes, even with the explosive Michael Thomas leading the charge, the Saints must find a way to help take the pressure off Thomas while still being productive. Should they bring in Dez Bryant, again?

In 2018, the Saints handed a contract to Dez Bryant but he never took the field. While the Saints’ offense has still ranked as one of the best in the past two seasons, it’s no secret that help is needed.

Thomas, in 2019 caught 149 balls while the next closets to him was running back Alvin Kamara with 81 receptions. The next closets receiver to Thomas was Ted Ginn with 30 receptions. So why is it taking so long for the Saints’ front office to call Bryant and offer another contract?

Here are 3 reasons why the New Orleans Saints should bring back Dez Bryant.


  1. With Emmanuel Sanders on the roster, I don’t see the need for this move.

    • Yea but we could use a extra red zone target and short yardage Big slot guy !

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