3 reasons Tom Brady makes zero sense for the 49ers

There has been no shortage of teams mentioned as possibly having an interest in making a run at Tom Brady in free agency. One of the recent teams that were mentioned was rather surprising; the San Francisco 49ers.

The idea stemmed from NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran during a recent appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio. He expressed his belief that the 49ers have a real interest in Brady but the front-runners for his services are the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.

Curran took it a step further by pondering the idea that Brady signing in San Francisco could lead to an opportunity for Jimmy Garoppolo to return to New England. That wasn’t part of a report but was more so speculation about the possible

The thought process for Brady when considering the 49ers is simple. They are coming off a Super Bowl appearance but could have used better quarterback play during the second half of the game, what if they had Brady instead of Garoppolo?

While the 49ers would make sense for Brady from his perspective, there are three reasons he doesn’t make sense for San Francisco.