3 reasons trading Kirk Cousins could make sense for the Vikings

Kirk Cousins is probably not being traded, but here are some reasons it could make sense for the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings
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Kirk Cousins had a good second season with the Minnesota Vikings in 2019, putting up some of the best numbers of his career and even coming up clutch in a playoff win over the New Orleans Saints.

But in many of the biggest games last season, which could have altered the Vikings’ playoff seed, Cousins fell short. Heading into the final year of his contract, the Vikings have a decision to make. Do they extend Cousins? Do they let him play out his contract and draft his eventual successor this spring? Do they….think about trading him and going in another direction this offseason?

The latter move would be a very bold one. But there are a lot of other veteran quarterbacks set to be available, and the Vikings couldn’t be blamed if they were ready to at them in some fashion.

It’s incredibly unlikely, all things considered, but here are three reasons trading Kirk Cousins could make sense for the Vikings.


  1. I’m a fairly new Vikings fan… I have to say that seeing so many articles alluding to Cousins being the primary impediment to success have lead me to the conclusion the the Vikings nation really doesn’t understand the game of football. Great people, and I’ll stay a fan, but I honestly believe that my 13 year old niece understands the game better than they do. Anyone that fails to see that the injuries to Cook last year combined with weak offensive line play, then this years marginal improvement on the line as the primary driver just doesn’t get it. This knee jerk reaction to throw him under the bus is just so juvenile in its analysis.

  2. Didn’t make it passed the first point because I saw you say favorable postseason matchups… must have forgotten the saints! Don’t know how you could but if you’re trying to prove a point, make sense! It’s bad when the 1st slide in you’re argument is so bad someone can’t get by it!

  3. Read the other 2 points, can’t believe you think there are that many compatible players in the league! Who do you get? Andy Dalton? Sorry but no thanks bud, much rather keep a guy who can keep us in and win games as needed. Still can’t believe you brought up favorable matchups in the postseason! Get out of here! Nobody thought or predicted them to win that game.

  4. I agree with most and they should not trade cousins cuz there’s not an upgrade out there I the teams that are out there don’t they have to give us a draft pick to upgrade us and then we have to start over from scratch at the quarterback position we should just keep cousins and concentrate on getting better offensive line and a better secondary and then you’d be amazed what happens if you give cousins a better offensive line I agree with most Viking fan keep cousins upgrade the offensive line upgrade the secondary that’s what we should do especially since we signed on Capers to help with the defense we’re going to have a better defense this year regardless of who is playing because of the way that they will be coached

  5. We finaly have QB right now any other option is unrealistic Kick is young enough the team needs to figure a way to keep beyond next year give this man more than 1.75 seconds he can put it on the pickle barrel at 50 yrds the Vikings need to keep improving around him we all know the areas the team is close to being a contender because we have a QB We all know negativity sells and our team is disrespected so we just have to ignore the coverage to our team,please remember a QB of Cousin’s caliber is a fair deal at 28 mil hold the course Skoal

  6. As a Cousins fan from his days in Washington, I am glad to see so many comment on other factors affecting the Vikings problems. I was glad to see Cousins leave the skins and sign with Minnesota. The OL was ranked in the top 10 (I think) because of the OL coach, who unfortunately died. The line has been ranked one of the worst since. The D has not been as good either. Only one person in the NFL thinks Rhodes is a starter. Missed FG’s and xtra points don’t help. Mike and Kyle Shanahan saw enough in him that they drafted him in the 4th round in the same draft (2012) as RG III. Kyle still wants him. I am glad a lot of you recognize he can be great with a decent line.

  7. Minnesota is need of a good veteran passer for avg money the rest offense line get gone the corner back he’s not hungry anymore he’s eating well but didn’t earn the money meal he goes you free up a lot of money get some players that fit the other’s first then see if he’s are there talent matches remember there no I in team go Vikings

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