3 super early bold predictions for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in 2021

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After all the drama and speculation surrounding draft selection of Jordan Love in the first round, Aaron Rodgers came out and proved that he is not done yet for the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers threw for 4,299 yards and 48 touchdowns with only five interceptions on his way to a third NFL MVP award. This was the ultimate revenge season for No. 12. The Packers finished at the top of the NFC North once again and advance to the NFC Championship Game.

Green Bay was viewed as the favorite in the NFC, but of course, Tom Brady came over and continued to win. This might be Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay, which means he will go all out to try and win a second Super Bowl. It has been quite some time since Rodgers and the Packers were in the final game of the season. There was speculation that Rogers could be moved in the offseason, but it is unlikely to happen this year.

The Packers would be foolish to move on from Rodgers when they are in a win-now window. They have one of the best quarterbacks of all-time under center and he is the best option if the team is looking to win the Super Bowl.

Coming off of an MVP award, Aaron Rodgers will be ready to put up some more huge numbers. Here are three way-too-early predictions for Green Bay’s quarterback in the upcoming season.

3. NFC North Champions Once Again

The Packers have completely taken over the NFC North in recent years. The Minnesota Vikings were supposed to turn into contenders when Kirk Cousins came to town, but they have not played the part just yet. That has allowed Rodgers and the Packers to get comfortable at the top of the division.

Heading into the season, there is no reason that the Packers should not be division champs once again. Minnesota will continue to be the only threat to taking the crown. Both the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears will not be forces in the NFC race. Head coach Matt LaFleur has turned into a strong head coach and one that is able to put together game plans for his opponents. The defense continues to improve, but with a quarterback like Rodgers under center, the Packers will always be at the top.

This might not seem like an extremely bold prediction given that they will be favorites coming in, but they have taken over the division. They are on an impressive streak and Aaron Rogers will look to continue it this season.

2. Continue Interception Streak

Rodgers has been one of the best at taking care of the ball over the course of his career. He has shown in recent years as he has thrown for single-digit interceptions over the past 10 years. That includes four in 2019 and a career-low two in 2018.

The Packers’ offense is built around Rodgers. He has some of the best arm talent that we have ever seen in the league. He can make any throw at any time and does it with perfection.

With the amount of times he throws the ball and the windows he tries to fit them in, it is impressive to see him take care of it as well as he does. That will continue this season. It seems as though Rodgers is getting stronger as his career goes on and his decision making is only getting better. That is a scary thought for opposing defenses.

This is an impressive streak especially when looking at the amount of turnovers that quarterbacks have in recent years. Aaron Rodgers is the best in the league at taken care of the ball and will continue to do that moving forward.

1. Win The NFC

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Rodgers and the Packers won the Super Bowl. Since that win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team has not been back. They have been able to advance to the NFC Championship Game on multiple occasions, but have not been able to get over the hump.

This could be the year. The Packers have been close many times and favorites in many games. That includes last year when they were taken out by Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rodgers’ future is unknown in Green Bay and it is likely that he would like to get another Super Bowl before either retiring or going to another team. At some point, Green Bay will have to take that next step and advance to the Super Bowl.

LaFleur has another year under his belt and is beginning to implement his system and coaching staff. Aaron Rodgers is coming off of an MVP season and will look to have another big year. All signs point to the Packers being a force once again and they could finally take that step in 2021.

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