3 super early bold predictions for Will Fuller with the Dolphins in 2021

Will Fuller, Dolphins
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One of the biggest names on the free agent market this offseason was none other than Will Fuller. Fuller, who agreed to a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins this offseason, will change teams for the first time in his career and hope to establish himself as a top-notch receiver.

The Dolphins were certainly happy to land Fuller this offseason, especially since the majority of experts believed that Fuller would be taking his talents to Green Bay or New England. Fuller gives the Dolphins an experienced wide receiver to build a unit around Tua Tagovailoa and Davante Parker.

Fuller has never been a true number one wide receiver in his career, but he has always been a solid guy to have on the roster. He has an innate ability to torch teams deep and he showcased that ability throughout his five seasons as a member of the Texans.

He has been one of the best complimentary wide receivers to have for the Texans in the past five years, but he’ll now showcase his true value after signing his deal with the Dolphins. Let’s take a look at three way too early predictions for Will Fuller for the 2021 season.

Number One: Record 1,000 Yards

Fuller passed up on several offers giving him multiple years on his contract to sign a one-year deal with the Dolphins in an effort to light up the stat sheet and cash in big time in 2022. With that being said, I think Fuller will surely live up to the expectations and record over 1,000 receiving yards in 2021.

He has the ability to use his speed and elite route running to his advantage and torch opposing defenses deep. Fuller hauled in 53 receptions through 11 games for 879 yards in 2020 before a suspension sidelined him the rest of the season, but he showcased his ability to pick up big yards every time he touched the ball.

Sure, Miami could have a loaded receiving room with Parker, Will Fuller, and a young rookie in the mix, but Fuller’s ability to pick up 15 yards every time he catches the ball will have a major impact on his stat sheet. Recording 1,000 receiving yards doesn’t seem like it’s too difficult to do, but considering Fuller has yet to do it, I’d say it’s a hot take.

Number Two: Pro Bowl Appearance

Will Fuller is determined to prove his doubters wrong and put up a monster season with the Dolphins in 2021. Fuller, who I already projected to surpass the 1,000-yard receiving mark for the first time in his career, could have a season that sees him make his first career Pro Bowl appearance as well.

Fuller has a knack for catching everything thrown his way and his ability to run deep routes just as good as anyone else in the league allows him with the unique opportunity to haul in catches for longer yardage. When it comes to Pro Bowl voting, stats mean everything and if Fuller can haul in 60 or so receptions with over 1,000 yards, he could easily see himself representing Miami in the Pro Bowl next season.

He has always had the potential to be an elite wide receiver, but injuries and suspensions have kept him sidelined a lot of times. If Fuller can stay on the field and capitalize on his opportunities, he could see himself in the Pro Bowl in 2021.

Number Three: Double Digit Touchdowns

The Dolphins showcased their ability to put points on the board in 2020 and they’ll surely be looking to build on that success in 2021. One major key to their success in 2021 could be their newly-acquired wide receiver, Will Fuller, who I project could score double digit touchdowns for the Dolphins this upcoming season.

Fuller is going to be the top deep threat weapon for second-year signal caller Tua Tagovailoa and we all know Tua has the arm strength to get him the ball. Tagovailoa tossed 11 touchdowns in his debut season for the Dolphins, but having a full offseason with the team and heading into his second season as the full-time starter could help his numbers see a major spike.

Tagovailoa loves to throw the ball deep and in fact he actually takes great pride in his deep ball. One favorable recipient of Tua’s deep ball could be Fuller, who scored a career-high eight touchdowns in just 11 games in 2020.

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