3 super early predictions for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in 2021

Russell Wilson, Seahawks
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Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Russell Wilson has been in a lot of rumors this offseason and nobody really knows what to expect from the seven-time Pro Bowler. Wilson, 32, has been one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league since his arrival as a third-round pick back in 2012 and he will look to expand off his success.

Wilson has been rumored to be unhappy in Seattle due to a variety of reasons and he has been rumored to be in trade conversations this offseason. He has been a model of consistency at the quarterback position for nine years in the NFL and his decade mark could be even better.

He had another great season in 2020 and was headlining MVP conversations all season until Aaron Rodgers ran away with award down the stretch. Wilson completed a staggering 68.8 percent of his passes for 4,212 passing yards and logged a touchdown to interception ratio of 40 to 13.

Wilson is also a very capable runner with the ball in space as well, which makes him such a valuable player to the Seahawks. Let’s take a look at three super early predictions for Seattle’s Russell Wilson this upcoming season in 2021.

3. He Will Be Traded

The NFL trade rumors surrounding Russell Wilson were heating up all offseason and I think he could be dealt at some point next season. Wilson is undeniably unhappy in Seattle and it’s impossible to lead a team that you don’t want to play for.

The Seahawks aren’t really in the best shape in terms of their current personnel to contend for a Super Bowl, which is likely the main reason why he released a list with a handful of teams he’d like to play for if he was traded. On that list were the New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears.

Seattle could get a great return investment for Wilson, which is why I think he winds up being traded. Wilson is hands down one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, so predicting his trade from the team he’s spent his entire career with could seem a bit far-fetched.

2. He’ll Miss the Playoffs

More than likely the Seahawks will wind up retaining Russell Wilson, despite how much they could get in return for trading him, which means he could certainly wind up missing the playoffs in 2021. The San Francisco 49ers are going to be healthy in 2021 and a new look Cardinals and Rams team look just as intimidating.

The Seahawks quite simply don’t have the man power they once had and they’ve failed to have a productive run since they last played in the Super Bowl. It’s crazy to imagine the NFC Playoffs without the Seahawks or Wilson in them, but that could easily be the case in 2021.

Seattle failed to address some major concerns on the offensive line, which means Wilson will still be running for his life every time he touches the ball. If the Seahawks had spent a little more time investing in Wilson instead of relying on him to bail them out of tricky situations, the Seahawks could be a playoff team again in 2021.

1. Win NFL MVP Award

Russell Wilson has been one of the NFL’s best players throughout his nine-year NFL career, but he has yet to take home NFL Most Valuable Player hardware. My prediction for Russell Wilson next season is that will no longer be the case.

He thrust himself into the spotlight of potentially winning the MVP Award in 2020, but Rodgers broke away with the award towards the latter half of the season. If Wilson can somehow guide the Seahawks to another winning record and guide them into the playoffs, there will without a doubt be nobody more deserving of the award.

The Seahawks just flat out don’t have a very good roster anymore. They still have some solid pieces on the offense, but the lack of offensive line protection, weapons for depth, and a legitimate tight end is surely going to make winning MVP a very hard task for Wilson.

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  1. Wilson is not unhappy in Seattle. He was unhappy that he has been hit so frequently. He wanted some to be in the conversation about the hiring of the new offensive coordinator. He was. He wanted additional strength on the Oline. He has said he is pleased so far. He wanted new weapons and he is very happy with the acquisition of a veteran tight end. This “unhappy” Wilson is sponsoring a new girls team in the Seattle area, providing free tuition at his charter school and acquired a King Co. property for his sister. He is “unhappy” no longer.

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