3 teams who should consider trading for Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery, Eagles
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

3. New England Patriots

Bill Belichick seems like a logical general manager that would have interest in acquiring a player like Alshon Jeffery. New England has a need at wide receiver, especially with Tom Brady no longer leading the way for the offense.

At this point in time, the Patriots are projected to hand the keys of the offense to second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham. Currently, the Patriots don’t have nearly enough weapons for the young quarterback to work with.

Julian Edelman and N’Keal Harry are solid, but they need a veteran playmaker like Jeffery.

Depending on the price tag, the Patriots would make a lot of sense. Jeffery would give New England exactly what their offense was missing last season. With Brady no longer there to bail them out, the Patriots need to be aggressive.


  1. Evan, how is Alshon a good idea for the Pack? Not only does he carry a $15mil cap hit, which is more than the remaining cap the Pack has, but that’s also almost the same cap figure as Adams, who is WORLDS better than Alshon. Furthermore, Alshon is the same body type and plays the same function as recently acquired Funchess, recently resigned Lazard, and yet unproven EQ St Brown. He’s better than all 3 at this point, but also loads more expensive and would cause you to cut one or more of them. Further furthermore, the Pack could easily have a Tee Higgins fall to them in the first or a Chase Claypool in the second, or even use the 3rd rounder you mentioned for another of the myriad receiving options, which would serve the same purpose as bringing Alshon in, again for WAY cheaper.
    This is all around a terrible idea, and shows a shallow and lazy understanding of the Packers roster. I’m a huge Packer fan and would be happy to have you run ideas past me before you write them in articles if it would be helpful.

    • Good luck with the drop king from 2018 and 2019… reason the panthers let him go… the colts fan base got to see it up close and personal in the “1” game he played before getting hurt…. scrub

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