3 teams who should pursue a trade for Falcons QB Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan, Falcons, Cowboys
Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons entered the season with fringe playoff hopes if everything went well. Things have not gone well, and the Falcons have a better chance of getting a top five pick than to make the playoffs.

With things going so poorly, the Falcons need to start looking toward the future and that means selling veterans who will not be around the next time the team is looking to compete. Even though the team has said they will not trade Ryan, that doesn’t mean teams should stop trying.

Ryan is one of the better quarterbacks in the game and would be an upgrade for many teams in the league. Here are the top three teams that should look at trading for the quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has been bad this year. They have one of the most talented wide receiving groups and an all-pro running back, but things have not gone well for the team. After losing Dak Prescott for the remainder of the season, they could use some help at quarterback.

Matt Ryan would give the Cowboys a legit quarterback who would force opposing defenses to respect the pass game. That is something that Dallas desperately needs if they have any hope of making the playoffs this year.

Chicago Bears

The Bears are a surprising team this year with the success they have had, even without a top-rated quarterback leading the charge. Matt Ryan has the talent to will his team to a win or two every year, which could be enough to put the Bears over the top.

Chicago will likely find stiffer competition come playoff time and a veteran quarterback they can rely on would give them a much better chance of winning a few playoff games and seeing how far they can push this season.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have a roster that is ready for the playoffs, except for the quarterback position. The hope was that Philip Rivers would be able to come in and be the veteran piece that would push the team over the top and make them into a legitimate contender.

That has not been the case as Rivers has struggled and the team will need a different option for success.

Ryan could come in and be the piece the Colts were hoping they were getting in Rivers. With a better than average quarterback, Indianapolis could become a difficult matchup for any team.