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3 Teams Who Should Still Consider Trading For Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers are in a tough spot. Not only do they not have a quarterback, but they are also low on draft equity. After pick number six they do not pick until pick 137 this year. One thing they can do is trade back from number six, and pick up some extra picks. They could also shop running back Christian McCaffrey.

The contract and injury history of McCaffrey may limit what they get back, but a team that is in a tough spot draft-wise may be smart to move him now and get the money off of their books. Who are three teams that could add him?

3. Baltimore Ravens

It may be the least likely of the three, but the Ravens are going to need a running back next season. J.K Dobbins is still progressing from a season-ender last year, and Gus Edwards suffered his injury so late last season that he is less likely to contribute than Dobbins at this point.

In the long term, they may be fine with Dobbins, but that means letting him take his time to come back. If they can get one more good year out of McCaffrey while Dobbins gets healthy it may be worth taking on his salary for one season.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs essentially wanted their own version of Christian McCaffrey with Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He has been anything but that. The team is probably thinking that they are already in deep with spending a first-round pick on a running back. They are not going to pay CEH, although they planned to, so the money that was supposed to go to him can go to McCaffrey instead.

The Chiefs went from an explosive offense to more quick passing this offseason, and CMC fits that bill. Plus, we all deserve one more healthy season of McCaffrey, this time with Patrick Mahomes next to him.

1. Buffalo Bills

Because the Panthers cleaned house in their front office, there are actually more front office members in Buffalo who drafted McCaffrey than in Carolina now. A group of Panthers executives moved on to the Bills and made Josh Allen their Cam Newton.

Now, the crew may be sentimental towards McCaffrey and try to take him on to supercharge their offense. The Bills have spent a lot of time with the running back draft prospects this year. Perhaps they do not see any being able to provide the instant impact of CMC, and they go all-in, taking him away from the Chiefs in the process.

If any team is going to trade for Panthers’ star Christian McCaffrey it is an all-in team with ties to him from the past. That is the Buffalo Bills.

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