3 things the Patriots must do to stay atop the AFC East

Jadeveon Clowney, Cowboys
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Sign Jadeveon Clowney, continue to build the defense

The Patriots had one of the best defensive units in football last season. Some even compared them to the infamous ’85 Bears defense throughout the year. Whether they can play at that high a level next season is yet to be determined, but if they add an elite pass rusher to complement their excellent secondary, Belichick’s defense may even be better next season.

That’s where free agent pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney comes in. According to reports, Clowney is looking to get paid like a top five edge rusher, but it appears no team is willing to give him that kind of money due to his up-and-down injury history.

While that is a valid concern, Clowney’s raw pass rushing ability along with his versatility to play any position along the defensive line should make him very appealing to the Pats, who run a hybrid front look on defense. Clowney could be an x-factor in a defense like that.

Not to mention, signing Clowney would more than make up for the loss of outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy, who left to sign with the Miami Dolphins early in the free agency period.

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  1. Pundits always find a way to amuse. I beg BB would love to hire a bunch of $20 mil players. And most networks would love to hire a bunch of Pulitzer winning writers, for millions of dollars, but both must just life life with the bottom feeders they have. It must be great writing about something you never did and tell one of the best all time great coaches what he needs to do to win…

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