3 way-too-early bold predictions for Blake Martinez with the Giants

The New York Giants came into the NFL offseason looking to make some quality impact moves on both sides of the football. Daniel Jones has taken over as the franchise quarterback and has given the team hope that they can continue building forward rather than always having to focus on bringing in a quarterback.

While they weren’t super active in free agency on the first day of the negotiating window, they did go out and sign former Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez to a three-year, $30 million contract.

Martinez may not be a hyped up free agent, but he is a massive addition for the Giants. Those who aren’t looking this move as a big one for New York are missing just how good Martinez is capable of being.

Last season with the Packers, Martinez racked up an impressive 155 total tackles to go along with three sacks, one forced fumble, one interception, and two defended passes.

All of that being said, let’s take a look at three way-too-early bold predictions for Martinez with the Giants in 2020.