3 ways Marcus Mariota can impact the Las Vegas Raiders

Here are three ways Marcus Mariota can impact the Las Vegas Raiders.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans, NFL
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As soon as the Las Vegas Raiders can do it in a way they want to, they will move on from quarterback Derek Carr. Signing former No. 2 overall pick Marcus Mariota to a two-year, $17.6 million deal is not an earth-shattering step in that direction, but there is a fallback option now. But as should be noted, a quarterback Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock loved in his previous life as a draft analyst for NFL Network is now Carr’s backup.

A closer look at the “two-year deal” shows is essentially a one-year commitment, with Mariota’s entire guarantee in the form of a $7.5 million 2020 base salary. So if he gets an opportunity this year, he could do to Carr what Ryan Tannehill did to him with the Titans last year.

Carr has shown incredibly thin skin at the mere idea the Raiders would pursue options to replace him, with eye ball emojis on social media and the like. Simply put, barring something surprising, he has no long-term future with the Raiders.

Going back to Mariota, here are three ways he can impact the Raiders.