4 bold offseason predictions for the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
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As the Carolina Panthers prepare for the upcoming NFL offseason, there are quite a few reasons for the fans to be excited. Matt Rhule is coming in as a first-year NFL head coach and will be bringing a much different offensive look. The Panthers also have a ton of other coaching staff changes.

Following a disappointing season that saw the Panthers finish up at 5-11, the only direction for the team to go is up. Unfortunately, this offseason has been bittersweet for Carolina. Luke Kuechly made the shocking decision to retire and the team decided to part ways with longtime tight end Greg Olsen.

While those two moves bring some sadness, the Panthers have to feel good about their position. They have the No. 7 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and will have the opportunity to add some talent via free agency as well.

Cam Newton’s situation will be an intriguing thing to keep an eye on as well. After missing the majority of the 2019 season due to injury, there have been rumors that the Panthers will look to move on from him. They could even look at the No. 7 overall pick to bring in the future face of their franchise.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at four bold predictions for the Panthers this offseason.


  1. If they get rid of Cam…I am gone and I am a NCarolian Fan since the beginning of time!!! It was bad enough when Steve was let go….Cam if they do not appreciate you go to Washington; my 2nd team that I have supported through Ups and Downs!

  2. …was a Redskins fan before we in North Carolina got a team….North Carolina got a team and it was my team from day 1…before Cam and stronger with Cam. I’m just saying. Without Cam as our quarterback, I have no problem becoming a former fan…but always a North Carolinian.

  3. All of the media would like for Cam Newton to play else where other than Carolina so they’ll have something to talk about. For some reason they hate covering Carolina in a good light and wish ill will upon us. Why trade Cam if we would get so much in return for him? Why not keep him if he’s worth several draft picks including number 1? Why get a top flight wide out just to trade Cam? Truth is there is not a lot of drama surrounding the franchise. One of the few where football is in the forefront and not the media’s attention. Even more so now that the owner has an unlimited wallet and could care less, he wants to win. They want Carolina to suck. Letting Cam go would be the stupidest thing they’ve done since Steve Smith & Josh Norman. If Cam is healthy there is no question as to if we should keep him or not. There is not a QB out there that is going to be able to take this team from zero to hero other than Cam Newton. Any QB we would draft this year would be a downgrade.

  4. From a business stand point and the team looking to rebuild, trading Cam is the smart way to go as his salary could he used to shore up other holes. I liked one trade scenario that we sent him to Chicago and got Tribusky and a draft pick or two. If you don’t get why signing a top flight WR or drafting one makes sense after that, then stick to playing Madden. Another WR would help the new QB grow. Heck, we could stay with Grier or Allen and use the cap space to fortify the OL. If you think Cam would have gotten us more wins with our OL last season you’re just delusional. There are pains you go thru to build a solid yearly contender and getting rid of Cam is just one of them.

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