4 bold offseason predictions for the Chicago Bears

Andy Dalton, Bears
USA Today Images

2. A Veteran Quarterback Is Acquired To Push Mitchell Trubisky

Due to the struggles that Mitchell Trubisky had in 2019, the Bears need to bring in a fallback option. If he struggles again the same way he did last year, the Bears need to have a quarterback that they can turn to.

Acquiring a veteran quarterback is a must for the Bears this offseason. Andy Dalton is a name that has come up quite often, while Philip Rivers and Tom Brady have been rumored to be potential free agency targets. Benching Trubisky to bring in a veteran starter doesn’t seem smart, but it is an option.

Chicago bringing in a veteran backup to push Trubisky should be the priority. Dalton or possibly even Cam Newton would make a lot of sense. The quarterback situation is one to keep an eye on for the Bears.