4 burning questions for the Dallas Cowboys entering the NFL Draft

Amari Cooper, Cowboys, Redskins
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Did The Cowboys Pay Amari Cooper Too Much?

Quite frankly, the Cowboys have received a lot of heat for handing $100 million to star wideout Amari Cooper. He has huge talent, but there have been quite a few times where he has disappeared throughout his career.

Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan recently went on a rant about Cooper, stating that he would have never paid the wide receiver that kind of money. He had a pretty strong name for Cooper as well.

Cooper will have to show that he deserves the contract he received over the next five years. Dallas relies heavily on him and they need him to step up week in and week out. If he can do that, this contract was nothing close to an overpayment.


  1. Liked the article. I think that number 17 pick is going to be huge. There are needs all over but I can’t shake the feeling that they need the best safety on the board. A real playmaker that we haven’t seen there in so many years. Certainly, they have some short term positions addressed through free agency, particularly if Aldon gets reinstated and can pick up where he left off. I’m done with Randy Gregory. He can’t seem to stay off the seed and he really hasn’t shown anything when he did play so defensive end might be a real need it not addressed with a stud athlete who is not North of 30 years old. I can’t wait to see who they take!

  2. I think the Cowboys will go with the DE out of LSU. Henderson probably won’t be there and they can address that position in the 2nd ed. Pass rushers is a bigger need, and there isn’t that many elite ones in this draft.

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