4 early reasons the Patriots will still win the AFC East in 2020

NFL Analysis Network

We’ve all seen the headlines before. We’ve all fallen victim to the same trap in the past. “The Patriots are done! Their dynasty has finally ended!” It’s a trick we fall for time and time again, only this time, there’s more reason to believe it than ever.

There was the 2014 loss to the Chiefs. The 41-14 Monday Night blowout was supposed to mark the death of the Patriots stranglehold on the NFL. 

New England won the Super Bowl that year. 

There was the 2016 Championship, where the Patriots fell down 28-3 in the third quarter and were getting embarrassed on the biggest stage to a talented Atlanta Falcons team with an MVP quarterback on their side.

New England won the Super Bowl that year.

There was the 2018 season, where the Patriots “only” won eleven games while Tom Brady was in a steep statistical decline, along with the rest of the offense. Sure, they made the playoffs, but questions about whether or not they could hang with explosive teams like the Chiefs or the Rams started to pop up.

New England won the Super Bowl that year.

Are you noticing a trend? The media is always ready to rush the Patriots out the door, and this year is no exception. But this time, they have a stronger case. New England couldn’t make it past the Wild Card weekend for this first time since 2009. And now, the Patriots will be without the help of Tom Brady, the best to ever play the game.

All that considered, there’s too much history to write the Patriots off entirely. And even beyond their consistency, there are still a few huge reasons to believe that New England can stick around in the league, and even win the AFC East once again.

So rather than grabbing your shovel and burying New England alive, let’s look at four reasons why they could still win their division and make the playoffs.