4 fixes the Cowboys must make offensively moving forward

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The Dallas Cowboys are 2-5. They currently are just one half game behind first place in the division held by their divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles. Not too shabby for being three whole games under .500.

Recently, the Cowboys parted ways with defensive end Everson Griffen, defensive back Daryl Worley, and defensive tackle Dontari Poe. Their defense has been historically bad, but we’re not here to keep beating a dead horse. Hopefully, those roster moves light a fire under some of the younger members of the team.

We’re here to talk about some fixes for this offense to score some points. In Week’s 6 and 7, the Cowboys scored one touchdown. It was a meaningless garbage touchdown at the conclusion of the Arizona Cardinals laugher on Monday Night Football. The offense has stalled out completely.

Clearly, the Cowboys were not in the mindset of preparing for a season without their starting quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott was lost for the season in their second win of the year over the New York Giants. Well, this is why you paid Andy Dalton to be your back-up right?

Well, sure, however now Dalton hits the shelf with a concussion after a blatant dirty hit by the Washington Football Team after the game was in hand. Now what? Have no fear, here’s their rookie seventh round draft pick Ben DiNucci to the rescue. Oh boy.

Things look very doom and gloom right now, but there are ways to fix some of these offensive woes despite the injuries. In honor of Dak Prescott, here are four fixes for the Cowboys offense going forward to see some success in the near future.

4. Feed Zeke. More.

Yes, we’re all well aware that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has coughed it up a bit too much. It has Cowboys fans losing faith that Elliott can be the “Bell Cow” for this team. I beg to differ.

Elliott has been their workhorse since 2016. Coming into this season, he looked his leanest, despite being hungry. His size, strength, and speed has the ability to carry this offense during their time in need.

Yes, he’s turned it over. Yes, he’s dropped passes. But also yes, he’s still a stud running back in this league and needs to be fed no less than 25 times a game.

Spell Pollard here and there, but the focus needs to be to feed this man early and often. It will also help to burn clock, earn more time of possession, and in turn, help your struggling defense.

3. Run More Slants!

I’m not sure if the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator Kellen Moore knows this, but he has three premier wide receivers that can run really good routes.

Instead of letting them do this, he’s calling wide receiver and or tight end screens and for as long as I’ve been watching this team, they never work! Therefore, you have Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and rookie stand out CeeDee Lamb run three to four-yard slant routes and let them do their job.

The offensive line is not going to hold up. They have one starter remaining, so regardless if it’s DiNucci or Dalton, he’s not going to have too much time to drop back and let things develop. Two to three step drop back, fire it into your playmakers guts.

2. Take More Shots Down Field

I get it. This is counter intuitive of what I just wrote about slants and quick routes. You have Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper who, the last time I checked, are very fast. If (insert QB here) sees press coverage, he has to know that these guys can and will burn specific corners off the line.

This time, do a four to five step drop and let it fly. Guess what, if they are covered by the other teams best corners, Lamb will be running a post route down the middle of the field and will take full advantage of whatever poor safety wants to attempt to cover him.

If you feed Zeke enough, they will start loading up and that’s when you take your shot. Fast. Not that often. Just when it calls for it. Big plays equal more scoring.

1. Fire Kellen Moore

This is the bigger one. Saved it for last. Moore is in over his head. He’s the only remaining “Garrett Guy” on staff.

New head coach Mike McCarthy has been dealt a very nasty hand for his first season given the COVID-19 protocols and the extensive injury list, but Moore is not doing him any favors. He has one of the top running backs in football along with three number one capable wide receivers.

Yes, the offensive line is in shambles and you’re down to your third quarterback, but this goes back to the start of the season. When the Cowboys opened up against the Rams in Los Angeles, they showed no creativity, took no chances, and fell flat on their face offensively.

The seven week experiment is over. Kellen Moore is a good kid, smart guy, and we all understand that. However, McCarthy was brought in as an offensive minded coach who has turned franchises into champions.

McCarthy won’t be able to do this with Moore calling the plays. The change needs to be made and it needs to be made now.

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  1. I don’t think I agree with anything in this article other than throw more slants. The offense was #1 in the league before Dak went down and that was with a beaten up offense line and an underperforming Zeke. Zeke is an above average running back that struggles when he is depended on for carrying the offense. He needs a good offensive line and/or quarterback to produce at a high level, so calling him a stud is a stretch. This season is a write off, hopefully they make some trades and bring in a new defensive coordinator next year that actually has a history of success. I have been a die hard Dallas fan for 40 years and I sincerely hope jerry Jones recognizes the holes he needs to fill, but he hasn’t done it in the last 20 years.

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