4 ideal landing spots for Allen Robinson in 2021 NFL free agency

Allen Robinson, Bears, Patriots
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Allen Robinson has been one of the few bright spots for a Chicago Bears offense that has real issues moving the ball. Robinson at times has been clearly frustrated with his role with the Bears and for good reason. There have been many easy throws to him that have been missed.

Robinson is finishing up his third year of his contract with the Bears, which makes him a free agent after this season. Even with the quarterback problems, Robinson has still had a big year, catching 71 passes for 829 yards and five touchdowns. ‘

Robinson is going to have a lot of teams looking to throw him a lot of money this offseason to get him to sign with them. Let’s take a look at four ideal landing spots for Robinson for 2021.

Chicago Bears

The Bears should be doing everything in their power to try and get Robinson back for the next few years. Robinson has been one of the only real consistent players for the Bears offense and losing him would be a big loss.

For Robinson, coming back to Chicago only makes sense in two situations. If they offer him a lot more money than anyone else, or if they get an upgrade at quarterback.

If Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles is projected to be the starting quarterback for the Bears next season, it’s probably best that Robinson looks somewhere else for his next team. 

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers might be a long shot, but maybe Robinson is so mad at the Bears that he will take a discount to try and beat his former team twice a year. After all, the Packers tried to sign Allen Robinson the offseason he chose to end up with the Bears.

The Packers needed to improve their wide receiver corps last season, but failed to do so. This offseason, the goal again needs to be to get more weapons for Aaron Rodgers. 

Cap space could be an issue for the Packers, especially when they need to improve their defense, but maybe Robinson would be willing to take a discount price to try to win a Super Bowl. 

This one is a bit of a long shot, but Robinson would really improve the Packers offense. Not to mention he would be catching passes from one of the best quarterbacks of all-time.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have quickly taken a big step forward during the 2020 season with Tua Tagovailoa being the future of this team. 

DeVante Parker is under contract through the 2023 season, but they could use another star receiver like Robinson to give Tagovailoa another target.  Robinson is still only 27 years old, so he could be a part of the core that the Dolphins hope will lead the team back to the promised land. 

The Dolphins are probably the team that makes the most sense especially with all the cap space this team has going forward.

Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team makes a lot of sense for Allen Robinson. Washington has Terry McLaurin who is a rising star, but putting Robinson with him would take a lot of pressure off of him.

According to spotrac.com, Washington is projected to have over $50 million in cap space, so there should be no concerns about how much money they could offer to get him.

If Robinson is looking for a big payday, the Washington Football Team probably makes the most sense based on how much they can offer.