4 ideal landing spots for WR Rondale Moore in the 2021 NFL Draft

Rondale Moore, NFL Draft
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Throughout the entirety of the NFL offseason, the next generation of stars in the league have been meeting with teams and preparing for a transition to the best football league in the world. One player who has been drawing a lot of attention ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft is Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore.

Moore is a 5-foot-9 wide receiver who could be anywhere from a late first-round pick to an early second-round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. He is often criticized due to his small stature, but he doesn’t let it affect his play style.

He is easily one of the most sure-handed and physical receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft class and he is going to be a valuable asset to an NFL roster. Moore has great physicality with the ball in his hands, and rarely goes down on the first tackle attempt. The Purdue standout is the kind of receiver who will always fight for the extra yards, which is one of the reasons he was so successful in college.

Rondale Moore has the ability to be one of the better receivers to ever come out of Purdue, and he showcased that in his career. He could really go anywhere in the upcoming NFL Draft, but we’ll break down four ideal landing spots for the 2018 Consensus All American.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are in need of help at the wide receiver position and they could look to snag a great talent in Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore. The Saints are embarking on a bit of a transition season now that quarterback Drew Brees has decided to hang up the cleats, and they will need to add some talent for Jameis Winston to throw the ball to.

Moore is a smaller wide receiver, but those are typically the types of guys that ball out for the Saints. The Saints have seen loads of success with smaller players like Deonte Harris, Lance Moore, Pierre Thomas, and Darren Sproles, and adding a talented young wide out who’s tough as nails could be an intriguing option.

The Saints could target Moore in the first round, or they could wait until the second round and potentially move up to select the young receiver. Regardless of what the Saints choose to do, adding Moore would be a great addition to the team.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some young receiving depth, and they could get that in Rondale Moore. Moore is on the smaller side at the wide receiver position, but he has proven time in and time out that he doesn’t let his size define his play style.

The Chiefs’ offense is also designed in a way where it doesn’t really matter how tall you are. Tyreek Hill is one of the best receivers in the entire league and he stands at just 5-foot-10. Sure, Moore is small, but he’s not slim. He weighs 180 pounds of pure muscle and he bounces off tackles like a highly-paid running back.

Moore showcased his talents in the return game throughout his college career, which is an area the Chiefs need some assistance in. He could be a great selection for the Chiefs and he could compete for a title early in his pro football career.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have a dire need for some depth at the wide receiver position and they could set their sights on the talented Rondale Moore from Purdue. The Packers failed to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game in the playoffs last season because they couldn’t stack up on paper, but that could change with a highly talented receiving threat in Moore.

Green Bay have the same types of receiver all throughout their receiving depth chart, and that’s deep threat weapons who are tall and lengthy. The Packers, just like every other team, could use a versatile utility weapon like Moore to give Aaron Rodgers an easy dump off target and a small speedy weapon.

Moore wouldn’t take long to prove himself to his teammates and coaches as he’s tough as nails, which is always an upside. If the Packers take a chance on Rondale Moore, they could be thanking themselves later when he pops off and has a great rookie season.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles need to continue to add weapons to their roster and they could add a solid day two weapon in Rondale Moore. Moore had a great Pro Day, which could help boost his draft stock, but if he’s available when the Eagles pick in round two, they should surely consider making him their pick.

Moore has a gritty toughness about him that would fit well in the needy Eagles’ receiving corps. The Eagles need to add some weapons for second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts to throw the ball to and Moore could surely be a great option.

He is small in stature, but massive in heart, which is all that really matters. He has phenomenal toughness and grit and is always a big-play threat. Moore would give Hurts a great slot target and the two sides could hook up for a lot of completions in the future if Philadelphia takes him in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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